Monday, January 16, 2012

Shapes, Shapes, Everywhere!

Shapes, Shapes, Everywhere!

We have been studying geometry this month during our math block. We began by analyzing basic shapes we use and see everyday. Kindergartners were also introduce to 3-D shapes including the sphere, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, cone, and others. This unit provides rich vocabulary and has each child on the lookout for shapes around them! Some of the activities we've done during our shape unit are as below.

Mirror, Mirror- This game uses symmetry and partner work to have students doing some problem solving around shapes. The kids amazed me with the creative and beautiful designs they have composed!

                                         These two ladies built some really awesome symmetrical designs!

                                                                    It takes teamwork!

Another activity we did was a game called "Fill The Hexagons". Once again, children work in pairs to roll a dice showing images of pattern blocks we have. They must place the pattern block they roll somewhere on their game board in hopes of filling 6 empty hexagons. When they fill the hexagons they win together. This game comes from a standards based math program called Investigations II. It's really fun!

What a perfect time of year to make shape snowflakes! Each student could chose to use paint and stamps or pattern block cut outs to create snowflakes. They were busy designing their snowflake as well as recording the shapes that they used. What fun! 

Well that's enough about shapes for now! If you need more information, please feel free to ask a Kindergartner at MCS!

Keep Warm!

~Mrs. Leggett

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  1. Love the Shape Snowflakes. Looks like kids are learning a lot and having fun.