Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teacher's Chair

My chair is small, plastic, and yellow. It has four metal legs and there are 16 others exactly like it in our classroom. There is something special about "my chair". It's magical. For some reason when a student sits in "my chair" they suddenly get a funny grin and a powerful feeling. This chair has been filled lately with Kindergartners prepared to do a whole class read aloud. We have a small amount of time daily devoted to this kid created idea. The kids came up with the idea on their own, I simply designed the process. We have a sign up sheet and when they feel ready they add their name to the list. During our Siesta/quiet reading time, the next student on the list practices their read aloud choice with me and I make sure they're ready for "the chair". Then, during read aloud time they read the book to the entire class. This is such a valuable part of our day. Not only does the reader feel so important and proud, but other students are so accepting of different reading abilities. It is amazing how still the entire class sits and focuses during this time. They even started clapping and saying thank you to the reader. After each read aloud, the reader's smile comes back, but something tells me it's not just the chair.

Below are a couple of read alouds we enjoyed last week!


~Mrs. Leggett

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