Friday, March 23, 2012

What Do Owl's Eat?

Four Winds is a parent run science program in our school and other schools around our area. Each month volunteers are trained and come in to the classroom to introduce and study a new nature based science topic. This morning the Kindergartners at MCS learned about owls. We watched a puppet show about Owl's, listened and mocked different owl songs, and even experimented with dissection. We disected owl pellets. So...what exactly is an owl pellet? Well, it is the ball of "stuff" that owl's regurgitate after eating their prey. They absorb the nutritional parts of smaller animals bodies and regurgitate the rest. Pellets look like a ball of fur with bones inside. We had an awesome time dissecting the owl pellets in small groups today. The enthusiasm for science was well heard as students found bones and were able to identify some of the kinds of bones using a map! What a great way to start Fun Friday!


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Here are some pictures of Kindergarten scientist!

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