Monday, September 24, 2012

4 Winds Science Time

Hello Families,

Sorry for the delay in postings! What a busy week we had last week- which included our first 4 winds, open house, and a trip to the Doctor for me with my own kiddos! Oy....

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to one of my favorite parts about our school.

Our school participates in a program called 4 Winds. This is a science program run by parent volunteers. Each month they visit the classroom prepared to lead us in many activities to help students learn about science and nature in the world they are living in. Here is a link for more info. 4 Winds Info

This year during our 4 Winds program we will be studying ecosystems!

This week our first 4 winds focus was on leaf eaters. Our fabulous parent volunteers began with a puppet show. A discussion then took place about what we need to survive,  the food cycle, and what would happen if certain things were missing. Such a rich topic! Next we discovered more about how different types of bugs eat leaves differently.We sorted picture cards and then went outside to collect some examples of our own and documented them by tracing and drawing pictures of various leaves in our science journals.

Special thanks to the parents who make this possible! So much fun and learning happening here in Kindergarten. Please enjoy some pictures from our first 4 winds experience!

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  1. Thanks, Mrs. Leggett, for taking the time to post your thoughts and pictures here. I love seeing what the kids are doing! -Thyra Guillmette