Thursday, September 27, 2012

Math Workshop In Kindergarten

Hello Again!

Throughout the day in Kindergarten, we have three workshops. We call them Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop and Math Workshop. I have explained to the kiddos that a workshop is where you build something-in these workshops we are building specific skills.

I'd like to take you a little deeper into our math workshop. It looks like this.

A. A whole group mini-lesson. Usually this is introducing a new concept, a social behavior, or a new math game.

B. Small group work. Next we break into small groups and each group has a developmentally appropriate activity. Sometimes each group does the same activities, sometimes different groups do different activities. I always explain to students that I do my best to use activities that they are ready for. This time also allows for me to work with small groups to support every student in the best way I can.

C. Closure. We almost always come back as a group for some kind of closure. Sometimes its a quick lightning share about math workshop for the day. Sometimes I have a question for them to reflect on.

Over the past two weeks during math workshop, we have been focusing on shapes and patterns.
Here are the centers students have participated in. 

A. Creating a Pattern Fish- After reading "Pattern Fish" by Trudy Harris(it's on my shelfari), students were asked to color their own pattern fish. Many students wanted to do this over and over again and we even did some with our buddies!
B. What comes Next? - This is a partner game. Students sit back to back and use various objects to create a pattern on a strip of paper. Next they cover the last item with a dixie cup. Finally they invite their partner to guess and uncover what comes next. This game is great because it can be simple or more complex!
C. Building unifex cube patterns and recording their ideas. This activity encourages students to build AB, ABC, and ABB patterns.
D. Fill the hexagons- A partner game where students roll a dice and use various shaped pattern blocks to fill 6 hexagons. This game helps students develop math language skills as well as visualize how shapes fit together to make other shapes.

It's been a fun week in math!  Please enjoy some pictures of our math workshop!

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