Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning Meeting

Over the past couple of years our school has been training and working hard to learn and implement the philosophies of the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching. There are many pieces to the RC approach. Here is more info if you're interested!  Responsive Classroom Website

Our daily schedule begins with a whole group circle time called Morning Meeting. We have been learning names through songs, games, and movement activities. Daily routines at meeting include stretching, a greeting, checking the schedule for events of the day, and reading the morning message. Each day one student gets to hold the “lucky duck” and do the Lucky duck jobs.

This morning meeting time is very valuable to both students and teachers. It sets the tone for the day, includes elements important to building a sense of belonging for all, takes away any stresses of the unknown for the day and provides a great opportunity for both academic and social learning skills. 

Some of the greetings may include: a ball greeting, a thumb kiss greeting, a skip count greeting, or even a silent greeting

The message for the day is simple. It usually follows a pattern and has an interactive element to it. For example "Good Morning, Today is Tuesday. We will have art and visit the tech lab. Let's make a list of friendly words you could say in the classroom. From, Mrs. Leggett"

Some of the activities include: dances, movement games, or even a simple drawing activity

The sharing bag goes home daily (and will begin very soon) with 1 or 2 students with a clue inside to guide what they share at school. Some clues include: anything that fits in the bag, something with a pattern, something from nature, something you made, etc.

Morning meeting is a special time for us all.  Enjoy our pic of the day.

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