Monday, October 1, 2012

Study Buddies

Study Buddies seems to be one of the most popular parts of our Kindergarten year. Study buddies has been a tradition at MCS and when I joined the staff here a few years ago, I too eagerly looked forward to this time in our schedule. This year we are study buddies with Ms. Pierpont's fifth and sixth graders. Each Kindergartner has one (or two) study buddies. We meet with them every Friday for an hour of activity. We try to plan activities that are engaging to both the younger and older students but that also fit in some way with curriculum going on in our classrooms and school. Study buddy time has proven to be rewarding in so many ways to everyone involved. As a Kindergartner it gives students someone to look up to, someone to help them with special projects, and a familiar face in the school community. As an older student it supports important life skills such as patience, nurturing, understanding, respect, and a feeling of importance and need in our school community. It also is just plain fun!

This week we used our study buddy time to celebrate fall by doing some art projects using leaves. We had three stations for buddies to visit. a) A leaf paint and press station b) a drawing/watercolor leaf observing and recording station and c) a create a leaf creature station. Creativity was out in it's finest! We had fun and the products were all of beautiful, funny, and adorable. Here's some shots of our leaf study buddy adventure!

Have a great week everyone!

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