Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day- Our Votes Are In!

Happy Election Day!

Over the past two days, we have spent time discussing the importance of voting. We also read about the voting process, learned new words such as vote, ballot, candidate, and Election Day. We learned about some of the aspects of the Presidents job, and talked about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in some detail. Kindergartners used some of our tech time to watch a video on Time for Kids about the white house, the voting process, and the presidential candidates. This learning experience provided some rich discussion for kids.

Today in Kindergarten there was a polling station- a voting booth for Kindergartners to vote in our MCS mock election. Each student got a chance to cast thier vote for presidency in private and even collected an "I Voted" sticker- just like real life! It was really fun. We were excited to see what the final count was.

Barack Obama 125 votes
Mitt Romney 30 votes

Here are some pictures from our mini-study of Election Day!

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