Thursday, December 13, 2012

Detail, Detail, Detail...

Writers Workshop is a daily favorite in Kindergarten. We begin each workshop with a mini lesson, then work independently or with a teacher, and finish with some type of share. Students are encouraged to write about whatever they want, yet incorporate the concepts taught during our mini lessons.

 I have decided to start differentiating the journal structure for some students. Students will still continue to draw a picture and write on the lines- but some journals have a smaller picture box and more lines to encourage kids to "tell me more". Sneaky, I know.

This week we have been focusing on adding details to our writing. Kindergartners often get into a comfortable pattern of repeating the same sentences, which is great. Yet, I believe that some students are ready for more.

We have learned about 3 new ways to add detail to our writing.

1. Add details to your picture- lots of color, nice neat drawings

2. Tell me more- Tell your reader as much as you can about the topic you have chosen to write about

3. Use color words- All the color words have been added to our word wall, and they make our stories much more appealing to readers.

I'm so happy with the enthusiasm these kiddos show for writing. It is exciting and fun for us all! 


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