Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back in the swing of things....

Hello Everyone!

The holidays were a busy time! We made it through to vacation with lots of energy! It's always nice to have a little break and I was happy to have enjoyed some time in the snow with my own family. I don't usually post about my personal life, but in case you were wondering....here is a lot of what I did on vacation! :)

We are now back into the swing of things in Kindergarten. January seems to always be a great learning month for Kindergartners. They seem focused, engaged, curious, and willing. I love that about them. With this, comes a time where the academic pace may pick up a little and the duration of activities may be stretched into longer time frames. I think they're ready- and if they aren't we can always backtrack.

We have some exciting stuff going on this month. We are now the proud new home of a  SMARTBOARD- and interactive white board which can enhance almost any learning area(imagine an ipad built for a wall). For example, this week we have done some activities in our reading groups using the SMARTBOARD. One group worked on an "h brothers" (ch,sh,th) picture sort- tapping and dragging items on the whiteboard. Other SMARTBOARD activities included- building mat man, watching a video about animals, rolling dice and writing number sentences. Really exciting for the students and I both.

This week is spirit week at MCS. Monday- purple day, Tuesday-crazy hat day, Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday, Thursday- Hawaiian Day, and Friday- PJ day! Very Exciting! 

We also have embarked on a new author study. We will be studying Jan Brett for the month of January. She is most famous for her story The Mitten and stories about Hedgie. I chose to do this author for January because many of her books look as if the setting could be in a Vermont winter. We began by reading The Mitten, and even acted it out using our own mitten and characters. So fun!   Check out her great website!

We'll continue our work on lower case letter writing, beginning number operations(addition and subtraction), and writers workshop.

Don't worry! Of course we still have lots of time to play, however I dare say that much of the play lately has been devoted to writing activities (by student choice). I won't complain!
 It's good to be back!