Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family and Friendship

Over the months of February and March we have been, and will continue to study and celebrate family and friendships. The main ideas of this unit are that all families are different, you have families at home and at school, and there are characteristics that make a good friend.

We of course kicked off our celebration of friendship in our classroom with a Valentine's Day Celebration. Students brought valentines from home, made mailboxes, read names of friends, distributed valentines and of course we worked together to make a friendship fruit salad.  Yum! We love our friends in Kindergarten.

This week we will begin our big book project. Students are creating their own big books about their family at home. Students books will be acordian style books in the shape of a house and each page is devoted to something about their family. We plan to have an authors tea party in a few weeks to share our final projects! We work hard in Kindergarten!

On a totally unrelated subject...this week we are celebrating Dr.Seuss' birthday. (March 2) We are participating in an America Reads projects called "Read Across America". Each day, we read a different Dr. Seuss book (did you know he wrote over 40?) and then we learn a fact about a state in our country. We color the state and eventually we will have read across America. Here's our new door- and my Lorax friends! 

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