Friday, March 22, 2013

Author's Tea Party = Success

Hello Friends,

Thanks to all who were able to attend our Author's Tea Party this Fun Friday morning. We had so much fun, and the kiddos were so excited to share their special writing with you all. They worked so hard to plan, and put into play this wonderful tea party.

Each kindergartner was the author and illustrator of a family book. The books were accordion style books- shaped like houses, and decorated to look like their own house. Each page was dedicated to something about their family. For example: "the people in my family are..." or "one of my family rules is....".

After our books were complete, we were ready to share! We planned our tea party, made invitations, baked, set up, even cleaned the classroom for our special day!

Thanks to Helen Norris who helped us make our special treats!

And we enjoyed our party!

Happy spring! Happy weekend!

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