Friday, March 1, 2013



This week we started something new in our classroom. We welcomed Alli and Erielle from Middlebury college to work with us on Friday mornings. They will be teaching us all about Russia including some of the language. We are so excited. This morning was our first meeting and we had fun!

First, we learned a little about Russia. Students were amazed by the size of the country! We learned about the flag, colored our own Russian flag, and colored a picture of traditional Russian clothing. We also watched a video of a cartoon that kindergarten kids in Russia love to watch!

We learned some Russian language too!

Privet!- Hello
Kak Dela- How are you doing?
Puckah- Goodbye
Spisibo- Thank you

We are excited to have our Middlebury College friends back next week when we take a look at the Russian alphabet!

Thanks Jen Stanley and Alli and Erielle for including us!

Happy Weekend!

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