Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

We have been celebrating spring and this new springlike weather in Kindergarten this week!

We have had a very busy's a glimpse of what we've accomplished!

We had 4 Winds on Tuesday. Thanks to Karen Parker for taking this on! We learned about deer. We began with a slide show on the SMARTBOARD, followed by multiple activities including measuring how far a deer can leap and jump, and examining real deer body parts. We finished by stamping deer prints in our science journals! So much fun!

We continued our work on fluency in math workshop. We continue to practice work with addition to ten, numeral writing, and teen numbers. We learned a new game this week called "Down the Tube". Students work with a partner for this activity. One player has 10 chips in their hand. They drop some chips down the tube. The other partner has to figure out how many chips are left in their partners hand. It's silly, yet effective for learning combinations of 10.  We work hard in math, but the learning is important and fun!

Spring has been warmly welcomed into our classroom. We have spent a lot of time studying our new science unit based on LIVING and NON-LIVING things. We've been working diligently on our NON-FICTION animal reports about dolphins, cheetahs, elephants and wolves. Impressive! We've also turned our Dramatic Play Area into a KinderGARDEN. We planted carrots, marigolds,tomatoes, basil, pumpkins and beans. Today we Read "Jodi's Beans" and began an experiment to see if beans will grow without soil. We'll be documenting our findings in our Science Notebooks as we go! Exciting stuff!

Inch by Inch....Row by Row...Gonna make this garden GROW!

Happy Weekend!

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